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Blogging has been a fulfilling journey for me over the past 5.5 years.  It’s not a job and I wouldn’t label it a hobby.  For me, writing is something I need.  And if it somehow encourages or helps others, then it has fulfilled two purposes.  

It is my desire that this blog would be a place that will truly serve you, my reader.  There are posts that I have brewing and ideas of where I’d love to see my writing take me, but in order to best fulfill the two-fold purpose of this blog, I need your help.

Would you be willing to take a few minutes and fill out a Reader Survey?  There are just 10 questions, all multiple choice, with some space for optional comments.  It would be such a gift to me if you’d help me by providing some feedback and input so that I can better serve you.

++++++++Click here to complete the survey+++++++++

Life with Truth is going to be ‘under construction’ for the next couple of weeks, so things will be pretty quiet again–as they have been for most of the summer–but hopefully the changes we’re making will make reading and following along easier.  You can look forward to a steady stream of posts (Lord willing) beginning in September.

And as always, it is my prayer that the things I write about will keep you grounded in Truth and point you to the Giver of Truth.

Thank you for remaining with me on this journey.

With a grateful heart for you,



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