Day 20 :: Know your limits

It’s taken me almost 34 years to figure out that I have limits.

Surprising?  Maybe.  But perhaps all women struggle with this from time to time.

In the spirit of being helpful or others-focused, we can quickly fill our schedules with all sorts of things and become overwhelmed.

Sometimes we push our limits because we want to meet some sort of expectation or standard.  Most of the time?  We’re the one who has created this bar to achieve.  And if this is the case we’re disappointing no one but ourselves by not reaching it.

I want my girls to understand their limits from an early age.  To know how to keep appropriate margin.  To know when to say “No” to good opportunities because they realize it’s not the best thing at that time.  To understand the balance between serving and rest.

I started a post this morning on modesty–one that’s been mulling in my head for a couple of years now–but you know what?

I have reached my limit today.

I’m going on four hours of sleep and cannot think clearly about many things, let alone a blog post that I’d love to really spend some time on.

Sometimes the best thing for everybody is for Mom to take a nap. 

know your limits

So, I’m going to lay down, set my alarm so I don’t miss picking up the girls from school, and hopefully drift off for about an hour.

Do you recognize your limits?   


This is Day 20 of a series “Lessons for my Daughters”.  Click here for a complete list of posts.


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