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Day 24 :: For Your Weekend – Links on Loving Well

Mason crying for Daddy

If anyone that I know loves well it is this boy.

He knows no stranger.  He smiles and lights up any room he enters.  He adores his sisters.  He can’t get enough of his Grandparents when we Face Time.

His favorite person to love?  His Daddy.  And he misses him like crazy right now.  While I finished making dinner last night, Mason was laying on the floor in the mudroom, looking out the back door and crying “Daddy!”  While it made me sad because he doesn’t understand why Bradley hasn’t been home, it also proved to me the depth of Mason’s love for his Daddy.

We want our kids to love well.  To love God, each other, their parents, their extended family, their church family, their neighbors, their friends, strangers, and enemies.

This weekend, may we love well.  May we extend ourselves in mind, word and deed to offer up the love of God to those around us.  We hold the key to love when we hold the Spirit of God, who is Love, in our hearts.  Let’s learn to unlock that love and spread it deep and wide.  And may others see God, not us, when we love.


Loving well can happen in both word and deed.  Is one better than the other?  This article by John Piper provides some good insight into this thought.

Have some people who are tough to love?  Ones you didn’t choose to have in your family, your neighborhood, your church?  Jon Bloom shares some great truths on this issue:  “the beauty of real love is revealed in the self-dying, unchosen call to love the sinner who ‘is actually given us'”. 

Loving when it’s hard and when it hurts might not change the recipient of our love, but it can change us.  This is a beautiful story of God’s love that transforms when we love out of obedience to God.




This is Day 24 of a series “Lessons for my Daughters”.  Click here for a complete list of posts. 

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