Day 7 :: Weeds in My Soul

During my high school years my dad had a decent sized garden.  He would spend his days off working the soil, planting the seeds, and picking the produce.  My job was to weed the rows.  He would give me $4 for clearing out a row of all its weeds.  I loved it.  There was something satisfying about grabbing a weed from its roots and watching it slide up from the soil.  And even more satisfying was looking back and seeing the beauty of the plants, no longer crowded out by those awful weeds.

Weeds are not good.  They take life that is meant for the plants, choking them and preventing full growth and productivity.  
Sin in my soul is like the weeds in a garden.
Sin takes root, grows, and if it isn’t removed, it chokes my soul.  
Sin crowds the soil of my soul and prevents me from growing up in Christ as I should.
Sin keeps me from thriving.
Sins like pride, anger, unkindness, disbelief, and impatience.
Like a careful gardener, I must tend to my soul.  I must look for the sins that are present, grab them at the root and yank them from my heart.  
Confession and repentance are like weeding a garden.
I need to daily walk through the garden of my soul and pull out the sin that is present.  For, when left untended, sin can grow fast and the roots can grow deep.  The deeper the roots the harder to remove. If I allow the sin to remain too long I will begin to wilt and will forfeit the growth that could be taking place.
What sins are choking your soul today?  Will you yank them out? 

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