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My favorite tree in our yard is about to burst into pink blooms and I keep walking outside to check on its progress.  It’s also that time in winter when I start to feel kind of antsy for Spring, but also still somewhat hoping for another snow day.  Just another one of the tensions of this life, and I’m slowly learning how to embrace each one.


Praise the Lord that one day we will experience complete peace when Jesus returns and sets everything right again.  Oh, how I long for that day!


In the meantime, may we know Jesus more fully as we embrace the mix of suffering and joy that we encounter each day.


Some lovely reads for you this weekend from around the web:


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  • Marian Vischer

    And I thought I was the only one who longed for spring while also hoping for a snow day. Thanks for making me feel less crazy. : )

    Honored to be at your place. Thanks for being such a generous friend on the interwebs. Hope you and your sweet crew and doing well.

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