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For Your Weekend : Inspiring Reads

This morning we’re hosting a yard sale, and I can’t tell you how giddy it makes me feel that we will be clearing our closets of excess stuff.  It also has made me a bit disgusted over how much excess there is.  Weeding out is healthy and necessary and my house will breathe a little easier tonight, I think.


The same is true for our souls.  Sitting in a few quiet moments, going for a run, and even reading words from other writers, allows this to happen for me.  It’s in those disciplines that I’m able to pray my thoughts to the Lord, turning over my anxiety, frustrations, questions, and doubts to God.  The space that this provides is amazing and empowers me to live more fully.

May we take advantage of the moments we are given today, this weekend, to breathe a little easier in our souls.


Here are some inspiring reads for your weekend:

7 Days for Your Soul to Catch up with Your BodyEmily P. Freeman, who is always writing and using Instagram to create space for our souls to breathe.

The Hardest Part of Loving Well: Thoughts from 1 Corinthians 13:5Erika Dawson

Family Worship 101, put out by Crossway – A new book by Donald Whitney, and a little trailer to promote it.

We Need You and We Want You {Mentor Us, Please} – Amanda Bacon

Happy Weekend, friends!


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