My Thankful List

Our Pastor here read a verse from Psalm 33 a few weeks ago that has been running through my mind a lot:  “Praise befits the upright.”  Praise, thankfulness, adoration, gratitude…all these words we use when we talk about praising and giving thanks to God.  They are suited for us.  Let’s wear ourselves out with praise, not just because it’s Thanksgiving, but because it is beautiful for the people of God to live lives of praise.

My friend Julie has been writing Monday Gratitude posts that I’ve really enjoyed.  She always inspires and encourages me in my walk with the Lord, so I thought I would put feet to what she’s taught me, and make my own Thankful List this week.

1. warm bedding

2. coffee with cream and sugar

3. electricity

4. healthy children

5. the ability to have children

6. a husband who “loves me more than babies love breast milk” (he just told me this)

7. a husband who keeps me laughing (see above)

8. in-laws who came to visit us and have watched my children, helped around the house and spent precious time with us this last week.

9. 10 hour date with my husband on Sunday

10. direction about our future

11. parents who celebrate 37 years of marriage today

12. siblings who love God

13. God’s Word that I can open freely every day and read in my own language

14. the gospel

15. family who is hosting us for Christmas this year, since we will be in transition

16. Down syndrome

17. leaves that change color in Florida

18. neighborhood children that play in my backyard

19. a playground for my kids

20. the ability to walk and run

21. good books

22. steak and shrimp for Thanksgiving dinner

23. my education

24. people I’ve met on Instagram that point me to Jesus

25. technology

26. the conviction of the Holy Spirit

27. friends who live all over the world

28. sunsets

29. quiet early mornings

30. music

31. tickle fights between my husband and children

32. daughters who care for their brother

33. vanilla lattes

34. a gift card to purchase said vanilla lattes from my favorite coffee shop

35. a sister who’s opening her home for my girls’ birthday party this year

36. a new Advent book that looks incredible (order yours here in time for Advent which begins on Monday!)

37. Jesus–the greatest gift of all time

38. the love of a great God

Happy Thanksgiving!


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