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Post-Vacation Catch Up

Last week we spent seven wonderful days with my parents, sisters and their families on the gorgeous Alabama Gulf Coast.  Although we weren’t too far from our home, it still felt like getting away and coming back was pretty hard.

The alarm went off at 5 this morning and I had to hit snooze twice before finally turning on the lamp and forcing myself out of bed.  Reality stinks.

Not really, but that’s how we feel right now when we are still tired from sleepless nights with our #4, who has the hardest time teething.  None of my other babies struggled with this, but when she gets teeth, only snuggling with Mommy calms her down in the middle of the night.  This equals little (or no) sleep for me, but precious moments of cuddling with my little girl.  Night time and nap times last week were spent much like the picture below. She obviously didn’t get the memo that vacation means extra rest.

Today we’re back to the grind of school for Isabella and figuring out a good routine for the rest of us during our mornings without her.  I’m hoping to order some preschool workbooks for Mallory, who is begging me to do ‘homeschool’ with her.  She is still trying to to find her way without her big sister around, and I’m learning more and more about my middle girl all the time.

We have some appointments to schedule for Mason’s therapy–and hopefully all of that will be settled this week.  It’s been a long road this time around, trying to find the best options for his care, and quite frankly, it exhausts me (more on that to come).

One of my goals last week was to spend limited time on the computer, and more time in some good books.  I didn’t open my computer all week, and that felt really good.  I was able to squeeze in some quality reading time, and I’ll share some book recommendations soon.

Now, we’re back to our day-to-day.  The Lord is teaching me to be content and joyful, no matter how my circumstances make me feel.  There is joy in the Lord, and He is constant, so my joy should be constant if it’s truly found in Him.  Right?  Preaching the truth to myself, over and over, and praying that I will live it out every moment of the day.

Happy Monday!

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