The Majestic Sacrifice

The cross stood tall on the hill, 
the body of a servant King 
hung by piercing nails and an obedient will.
His life spilled out that day on the tree.
His blood poured once for the sin of the redeemed.
In love and obedience He died.
“Father, forgive them,” His final cry.
I look and see my Savior and King.
The Majestic Sacrifice, and I can’t help but sing:
Of the cross, of the blood, of the death of Jesus.
His life given up, His death that frees us.
On this, Good Friday, may you be mindful of the tremendous sacrifice of Jesus that He made on the cross.  The Son of God, who loved us while we were still sinners, gave up His life for our ransom, made the final sacrifice for our sin.  

It is a good day because He is good and He has given us what is good through His death. 
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