These Two Couldn’t Be Better For One Another

Jennavieve took her first steps the other night.  The pure delight on her face was priceless.  It’s like she knew that her little legs were figuring something out and she nailed it.  She didn’t go far, just a few steps a time, but that was enough for me.  We clapped, cheered, and squeezed her tight, reveling in her new found freedom.

Then, something amazing happened.  Mason scooted over to me, looked up at my face and I knew that he wanted to try.  I lifted him to his feet, helped him to get going and before we knew it he had walked across the whole room.

He had taken a few steps here and there, but never this far.  He just needed to see someone his size do it first.

Now, a few days later, they’re both toddling all over the place.  Jennavieve is definitely stronger and getting closer to truly walking on her own.  But Mason is not far behind.  He delights in his little sister’s accomplishments, and I think he really loves to watch her get around.  She gets going first and if he’s able, he’ll find something to pull up on and walk right along with her.  I can’t wait to see them chasing each other, or better yet, holding hands walking together.

I had a lot of fears about having another baby so close in age to Mason.  Down syndrome causes developmental delays in children, and it’s impossible to predict what those delays might be.  I wanted Mason to be his own person, reach milestones before his baby sister and truly be the big brother.

These two couldn’t be better for one another.  Jennavieve pushes Mason to be stronger, more independent, and brave.  Although it’s not exactly the way we would want her to communicate, Mason has taught Jennavieve how to get our attention, he is the one who showed her how to push their little cart.  He gives her kisses and hugs, waves to her from his crib in the morning and cares for her as only he can.  Mason is the big brother in every way.

I never thought I would sit and wonder at both of my children learning how to do things together.  But it’s wonderful.  My heart bursts with pride and joy as I watch them learn and grow.

We don’t always get an open window to see what God is doing, or has done.  Sometimes He keeps those things secret.  Every now and then, though, He gives us these glimpses to remind us that He is working something far more wonderful than we could ever imagine.


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