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The skies are a bit more blue these days, the weather has warmed up, the azaleas are blooming and our front porch swing is back up and in use.  April, we are glad you’re here.  My children keep telling me they have a whole list of April’s fools jokes planned for us today and quite honestly, I can’t wait to see what they’ve been scheming.  It’s been a long week in some ways, so a little levity might be the perfect way to enter this weekend.


If you have some extra time to read, I’ve gathered some good pieces for you from around the web.  There’s a little in here for everyone:  the cook, the reader, the parent, and the one who might need a gift of perspective.


May your weekend be profitable in growing you toward the Lord.  And may you find joy and delight in keeping company with him.




Lessons from Anne — Julie Gentino


The Invisible Gift of a New Perspective — Leslie, Journey to Imperfect


Let’s Not Lose Our Junk Over Someone Else’s Bad Choices, Okay? — Amanda Bacon for Masterpiece Mom


A Tradition Unlike Any Other:  Green Jacket Salad — Cynthia Stuckey

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