5 Ways to Decorate with Seshells

Summer often means trips to the beach, walking in the sand, and collecting seashells.  Have you ever wondered what to do with all of those shells you’ve been storing?  I just use mine as a vase filler, which is an easy decoration for a table, mantel, or bathroom.  These ideas that I’ve gathered from around the web require a little more creativity than that, but are totally doable!

1. Kim, from Sand and Sisal, put together this gallery wall of framed shells.  I love how personal, yet professional it is.

2. Martha Stewart came up with a great little craft for kids. These little koalas would be fun to make with your children and display in a bedroom or bathroom.

3. It might take quite a few years to accomplish something like this, but I thought this sea shell backsplash was unique. If shells are your thing, and you’re thinking of sprucing up that home at the beach, this would be perfect!

4. Angie, from The Country Chic Cottage, provides a tutorial on making some shell art with frames, burlap and shells.

5. Tammy, from A Walk in the Countryside made this plate charger with some plywood and seashells. This would be great for a sea inspired table setting.

Have you ever made anything from shells you’ve collected at the beach?

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