What does it mean to dwell in abundance?  I believe it has nothing to do with our circumstances and everything to do with Jesus.  


So, how do we experience this abundant life?  Many times life doesn’t feel abundant.  In fact, it can feel empty and lacking.  We often chase after temporal pleasures, hoping to find happiness and fulfillment only to be left with a deep sense of emptiness. We struggle with discontentment and bitterness.  We experience loneliness and rejection.  Circumstances come that are painful and leave us wondering: where is God in this and why would He let this happen to me?  


I believe we experience the abundant life that Jesus promised when we root ourselves deeply in the Word of God.  For it is in His Word that we encounter Jesus.  The One who knows us, loves us, and gave His life for us.  


His Word holds promises that breathe life into our souls.  As we come to know Jesus in the pages of Scripture, we develop an ability to respond to the lonely times and painful circumstances in faith.  We are then able to believe that God has never left us and what we have learned about Him is still true.  His presence with us in the midst of this broken life is the abundant place.  


Whether it’s in the midst of sleepless nights, broken relationships, the loss of expectations or after the crushing news of a tragedy, the abundant life is possible in Christ.  When we abide in Him, we dwell in His abundance.  Understanding and experiencing this has changed my life, and I believe it can change yours too.  


What can you expect here?  


A little bit of everything, I suppose.  But mostly,  I write about the things that God is teaching me about Himself, His Word, and how to live out my faith on a daily basis.  These lessons most often come through my marriage and motherhood, but I’ve also found that simply by paying attention, life lessons jump out at me while driving in my car, talking with friends, shopping in the grocery store and running through my neighborhood.  I’m a learner, and writing out what I learn helps to solidify it in my heart. 


From the Kitchen posts will appear from time to time.  Making food and feeding people is one of my favorite ways to serve others.  And when I can open up our home and gather friends, family or strangers around my table, even better.  There’s something about sharing a meal together that enables friendships to begin and deepen.  I love to watch this happen.


As a learner, I read as much as I can.  Books, blogs, articles, whatever I can find that will help me grow.  I’ll share books I recommend (or maybe don’t), blog posts from my writer friends, and other helpful links that I think you’d enjoy.   At the end of each month I try to share the silly and serious lessons that left a mark on my heart and mind.  These are always fun and help me to keep paying attention as I go throughout my days. 


I also share the joys and struggles of parenting a child with special needs.  Our oldest son, Mason, was diagnosed with Down syndrome shortly after being born, and his life is a gift  I didn’t know I needed.  God uses my son to show me my inadequacy and His greatness.  


While I would love to have the time to write everyday, this season of life doesn’t allow for that much time.  I try to post 2-3 times every week and pray that my words will somehow encourage you to live in the abundance that comes from knowing and following Jesus.


A little bit about me…



Most of my life was spent in Central Virginia, the second of four children.  I was raised in a Christian home and by God’s grace have been walking with the Lord for most of my life.  I graduated from Bible college with a degree in Intercultural Studies and Bible, spent a year overseas as a nanny and teaching English, and then met my husband where we both served in different capacities for an international mission agency.

I’ve been married to Bradley for 10 years, 8 of which have been spent moving across the country with the Navy.  We’re currently stationed in Norfolk, VA, and enjoy being on the same coast as our families.  We have five children–Isabella, Mallory, Mason, Jennavieve, and Cooper– who keep us busy and tired, but also leave us feeling incredibly blessed.

Quiet mornings are my favorite time of day, and I crave these hours before my children wake up so that I can drink my coffee in silence and meet with Jesus.



Welcome, friend!  Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and join me as I seek to dwell in abundance.