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As we slip into this long weekend that concludes summer, I’m reminded that even though seasons come to an end, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.

This weekend may we have open hands to receive what God chooses to give.

May we have outstretched hands to give to others out of God’s graciousness to us.

May we have lips to speak truth in gentleness and love.

May we have mouths that break forth in song to our Creator.

And in all things may we lift high the name of Jesus, clinging to His work accomplished for us on the cross.


Because the end of August is always a difficult time for my family, and many who knew my brother, this post from Desiring God last week holds some excellent reminders how “when sorrows break over our lives as Christians, which they do and will regularly under our Father’s providential and disciplinary care, our joy does not die.”

When you find yourself or a friend in the midst of a change, this book from Kristen Strong will be your kind companion.  It’s due to release on September 15, but might I recommend that you pre-order it now?

The internet has introduced to me to many new ‘friends’ and one of my very favorites began blogging again after an almost year hiatus.  You’ll find lovely tips, good eats, and heartfelt posts on Mary Beth’s new blog Schooner Kids.

Because sometimes we lose sight of our treasure, may these words from Ruth be a reminder to us.

And, maybe some of you are finding a new school year to be challenging?  This post from last year about rhythm and routine might give you some encouragement.

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