What I Learned in March

Can you believe today is April 1??  We’ve been having little spurs of spring here and there, teasing us with the warm weather, and then we have a day of freezing temperatures!  We’re still getting used to the weather here in Virginia.  But I think we’re going to like being near the ocean once the warm weather is here to stay.

I’m joining in today with Emily Freeman’s link-up about what we learned in March.  It’s always fun to look back over the month and remember the fun, and sometimes serious, things that I learned.

Airplane in the sky

1. We live in the flight path for EVERY military plane that flies into our area (that might be an exaggeration).  When we were looking for a home, each one would have either a noise zone or crash zone rating.  Thankfully, we’re not in a crash zone.  It’s fun to hear and see these planes every day, especially when Mason blows kisses to each one.  If only those pilots knew how much love they were getting from a little boy who is in love with airplanes!

chicken broth

2. Store bought chicken broth is really good.  I’ve always made broth from bouillon powder, but I bought these on sale one week, and it tastes better and it’s super convenient.

Easter M&M's

3. Easter M&M’s are the best.  I’ve actually known this for many years, but I threw it in to help any of you who may not have known.  Really, any holiday candy is better, but the pastels have the best taste, for some reason.  Also, I’m a sucker for Girl Scout Cookies… (who isn’t??)

girls in the tree

4. My girls love to climb trees!  This was their one request for our new house, and I’m so thankful for this small-ish tree that they are able to get into and learn how to climb.


5. Online grocery shopping is awesome.  The Harris Teeter in our area offers online shopping for a minimal fee ($2/week if you sign up for the whole year).  I have always enjoyed going to the grocery store, but with each additional child it became more challenging.  Now, I just place my order online and pick it up a few hours later.  They load everything in my car, honor coupons, make good substitutions if something isn’t in stock, and sometimes they even bring the kids the free cookies we would have gotten at the bakery.  It has seriously changed my week to be able to do this.  And my kids love it too!

JV on swing

6. Jennavieve is growing up way too fast!  This is wonderful and sad all at the same time.  I love this age (she’s currently 20 months) as her vocabulary is taking off, she runs and jumps, and she prefers the ‘big girl’ swing to the baby one.  She’s still a handful, but also tons of fun.

Roasting coffee

7. My husband is a genius.  Well, this I already knew, but he MADE HIS OWN COFFEE ROASTER!  He has always been a learner, researching whatever topics intrigue him.  After watching a few youtube videos and looking at some pictures, he ordered a few parts and assembled this machine.  It only takes about 10 minutes to roast a batch of beans, and it really does taste so much better!


8. Mason is in love with Superheroes.  He asks me every day to wear his Batman or Superman shirt, and he and Jennavieve both say “Superman” and put their hands up in the air.  Life with this little boy just gets better every day.  I never knew how wonderful having a child with Down syndrome would be.  We celebrate Mason’s life every day, but on March 21 we celebrated World Down Syndrome Day, and I wrote a little story about how my perspective changed. 


9. I now know what a webinar is.  Yes, that shows how behind the times I am.  BUT, this one has been so fun!  I’m taking an online course on decorating and it’s been great!  We had to choose a room in our home to focus on during the 4-week course, so I’m doing our living room.  I can’t wait to learn more and put together a room from start to finish.


10. In case you missed Monday’s post, I also learned that inside of this 33 year old woman lies some of the same insecurities of a middle school girl.  But, in realizing that, it was a reminder to me of Jesus’s love.  My vulnerability might lead to fear before other people, but my vulnerability before the Lord leads to forgiveness and grace, and arms open wide because of the blood that Jesus shed on the cross.

May you have a Happy Easter, friends, as you remember Jesus’ death on the cross, paying the punishment for our sins; and then as you celebrate His resurrection, which conquered death and gives life!


  • sherri

    I love when you do these posts! That is so sweet that Mason blows all of the planes kisses! And I totally agree about the Easter candy. Easter candy is hands down the best candy all year! I might have gone a little overboard in getting Easter candy for our household of 2 this year – whoops! JV did seem so grown up this past weekend – I can’t believe it! And the girls are very proud of their tree-climbing skills 🙂 Bradley sure is talented, and I’d like to try his home roasted coffee sometime!

  • Sandy Roberts

    It is delightful following your blog. Thanks for sharing what is happening in your life, what you are learning and the beautiful photos of your precious family.

  • Aimee

    Online grocery shopping is the best! We do it for our Canvas events, which makes things so much easier considering we cook for 100+ students a week. And they offer delivery which is a lifesaver since no one on our team drives!

  • Ruth Burgess

    I am so happy to be with you via this blog. It is both inspirational and informative. Your title is perfect because you write with such truth and passion. The pictures of our greatgrands are a decided plus. May your family have a blessed Easter.

  • Heidi

    Hi Lauren,
    I recently subscribed to your blog and have enjoyed your writings! I’m friends with your sister Sherri and lived in VA Beach for 10 years. I miss the jet noise! I saw your pic of the plane- one of my friend’s living there flies an E2 like that!
    Thanks for sharing your heart and for your testimony of God’s grace in your family’s life!

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