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My husband brought several pieces of furniture into our marriage: six woven dining chairs, two barstools, and a wooden bookshelf. Although several chairs are now wobbly from fifteen years of use, we cannot bring ourselves to part with them. I’m okay with this because they’re functional, and new dining room chairs are expensive. However, the bookshelf is another story. I do not like it, and I have never liked it. The wood stain is too red, it’s not large enough to fit all of our books, and its irregular size limits its placement in any apartment or home we’ve lived in.

But my husband doesn’t want to part with it. So, we’ve lugged it across the country, twice. We’ve tucked it in the corner of the dining room. In our 700-square foot apartment in Monterey, we stored it right next to the front door. In our current home, I move it around the den every few months, just to see if I like it better on a different wall. I don’t. But I do love my husband. So, the bookshelf remains.

Well, a few years ago, my book stash became so large that a new shelf was essential. I found a white bookshelf with sliding glass doors, just the right size to fit beside the mantel. We couldn’t have actual built-ins, but this created the look of one, and I loved it. I walked around the house that day, gathered all my books, and arranged them according to color. I love my rainbow of books, most of which I’ve read, but cannot part with. Wisdom sits on my shelves, within reach whenever I need it. I’m so grateful for the authors who teach me about God, life, parenting, prayer, and everything in between.

Over the course of this month, I’d love to share some of this wisdom with you. So, every Sunday during this series, you’ll find a quote from a book I’ve read, and would recommend to you. I pray these words encourage, challenge, and sharpen you. Marriage is a beautiful gift, but it’s hard. May the words of my wise friends spur you on to love and good deeds in your role as a wife.

The gospel gives us a better way. No matter where you’re at with your husband, let him see the work of Christ in you. Remember, when you were still dead and stuck in your sin, Jesus loved you so much he died for you. Offer that same love to your husband. Rather than looking at everything he’s doing wrong, begin finding everything he’s doing right. Let Christ’s love in you be stronger than any misunderstanding, bigger than any feelings of resentment, louder than your desire for justice, and greater than your own prideful heart.

Laura Wifler, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments

Photo by Sara Cohen on Unsplash

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