Five Minute Friday : ‘Here’

This week has been full, in a good sense of the word.  Bradley’s parents are in town visiting, we’ve had several out of the ordinary appointments, a beach play date, and even went on a double date with some out of town friends last night.  Now, here we are and it’s Friday already!  My big girls are heading to Pennsylvania tomorrow with their grandparents and then we’ll follow next week to drop off the little two before we head on our big vacation.  One week from today I will be flying to a kid-less vacation with my husband and I. cannot. wait.

Until then, I have some home projects to complete and a lot of thoughts in my head that I hope to type out in this space.

But today, I’m back joining in for Five Minute Friday.  Just five minutes writing on one topic. Today’s word is:  Here.



“Where did those flowers come from?” 

Bradley asked me this question as he walked into the kitchen the other day.  I then went on to tell him that I had gone outside to cut flowers for some vases and when I walked out front, I noticed two small bushes of petite pink roses.

They weren’t noticeable until I went outside.

Here.  From right here this is the view of the front yard.

front porch view 1

But, step out onto the lawn and you notice what’s been there but just wasn’t visible yet.

front porch yard

Sometimes it’s like that in life.

I get caught up with the here.  My family, my busyness, worries, concerns, decisions….daily life that has to be taken care of but it’s easy to get stuck in the here.

I want my mind to be in the not yet, the out there.

Roses closer

In theological terms it’s often referred to as “the already and the not yet”.

Or, for the purpose of my post “the here and there”

Here, on this temporal earth, we who have been made alive in Christ,  still have to deal with the brokenness of the world.  Sometimes we lose sight of Jesus.  His beauty, His presence, His working in our lives and in the world.

There, in eternity, we will be with Jesus and we will see Him as He is.

Roses on bush close

In my mind, I want to live the here in light of the not yet.  To always be looking to Jesus.  To be fixed on Him, even when the things of earth cause eternity to be dim, or keep me from seeing who He is.

As I look beyond the here I will discover how glorious there will be.  Forever in the presence of God.  Forever beholding His beauty.

Roses final


No longer here but there.



  • Judith Heaney-McKee

    Such beautiful words with a powerful reminder; a reminder for which I am incredibly grateful today.

    I will carry these beautiful, powerful words that hold deep truths with me as I move through the rest of this day.

    These are wonderful seeds of truth: “To be fixed on Him, even when the things of earth cause eternity to be dim, or keep me from seeing who He is.” And I will use them to remind me to return my eyes and my heart to Jesus when I become too caught up in the here.