Weekend Links


Last Saturday night a thunderstorm rolled in while I was putting the finishing touches on dinner.  It’s not often that we experience this in February, but lately the temperature has felt more like late spring/early summer, and with the warmer temps we’ve been able to watch some non-winter-like weather patterns.  I snatched Cooper up and took my phone outside to capture what was happening in the sky.  It was truly stunning.  The clouds were  highlighted in brilliant orange hues and you could see the lightning flashing behind the black darkened clouds.  We never did get the rain and severe thunderstorm that was forecasted–it rolled away–but we had the privilege of experiencing its power and beauty from afar.


Moments like this remind me of the majesty and power of God, how he is so far beyond anything I could ever imagine; his ways are unsearchable, his love without limits or bounds.  And yet he has chosen to allow his Holy Spirit to dwell within the souls of his people.  He is infinitely other and yet intimately near.


May you stand in awe of the limitlessness of God, and may you find comfort and strength in the nearness of his presence this weekend.



Some links for you that spoke to my heart this week and I pray they might encourage yours as well:


Five Steps to Living More Creatively — Kimberly Coyle


Make This Your Battle Cry — Christine Chappell for Thrive Moms


On Waiting Well (and a recipe for Multi-Grain Sunflower Bread) — Cynthia Stuckey


The Spiritual Discipline of Watering Plants — Aimee Kollmansberger


Hospitality is War — Chad Ashby, for Desiring God