Weekend Links (for the ones who feel the weight of the world)



The past month has been a challenging one in a number of ways.  I’m not ready to share my story quite yet, but what I can tell you is that God continues to grow me through difficult circumstances.  A few years ago, after several traumatic events took place in our lives, I began to think that certainly God wouldn’t give us anything else hard because “I can’t handle it, Lord!”


And then I remembered Job.  He lost everything.  It wasn’t because God was angry with him or wanted to make his life difficult through loss.  God wanted Job’s worship no matter what.  It was through the stripping away that Job grew to love and bless God more than before.


When our lives don’t make sense, when we feel the weight of the world or when we just wish we could have a different story, God is still near.  The presence of God in the midst of the brokenness of this life brings peace, comfort, and a confidence in his nature that is unshakable.


If you are feeling the weight of this world today, these posts are for you.  Some are stories of struggle, living in the midst of what doesn’t quite make sense.  Some are gentle reminders of how we draw near to God, a much needed practice that can often feel difficult when we don’t like what’s happening in life.  May you feel the nearness of God today, may you rest confident in who he is.  And may you walk with purpose knowing that he is good and he is at work in your life doing something far greater than you could ever imagine.


What I Want You to Know but I’m Afraid to Tell You  —  Stacey Thacker


When You Need to Know the Story Isn’t Over — Kaitlyn Bouchillon


Fasting — Julie Gentino


I’m Not Always the Best Praying Mom — Amanda Bacon, for The Masterpiece Mom