Take Your Time: Marriage is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

After six years in coastal Virginia, I expect a slow transition to fall. But every year I’m still a little disappointed. Our maple tree in the front yard is still green, there are no leaves to rake, and we’re still wearing shorts and sandals.

Until yesterday. For the first time this season, we put on long sleeves and cardigans. I even wore a jacket to sit around the firepit with friends last thing. She might be slow to make her entrance, but fall is finally here.

In many ways, our feelings about marriage are similar. We want everything to be easy, smooth— and sometimes even perfect—right away.

Know all there is to know about my husband by the time we get back from our honeymoon.
Learn how to work well together on projects, the first time.
Agree on parenting issues, in every situation.
Enjoy the same types of hobbies, effortlessly.
Share similar values on how to spend and save money, without arguing about it.
Like the same people and quickly establish friendships with other couples.
Always be ready for sex, giving and receiving it freely and enthusiastically.

These things don’t happen overnight, which is often frustrating. We think it would be better if we didn’t have to work through our differences. But I would like to suggest that all the struggle and effort and sacrifice actually deepens our love. When we look back and see how far God’s grace has brought us, we treasure the gift of today even more.

In the words of my husband: “Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint.”

So, we allow God to teach us patience and help us to count it all joy. We remember marriage is a lifelong commitment that cannot be rushed. Just like a marathon, it requires discipline effort, and pushing through the difficult times. By God’s grace we’ll make it to the end and we’ll look back and say, “It was worth it.”

This is Day 19 of a series: A Diligent Wife

Photo by sporlab on Unsplash