Count the Moments

To fellow military wives (or future ones):

You’re going to be tempted to keep track of all the things your husband misses. Anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, algebra homework, broken bones, looking for a home at your new post, major decisions in your kid’s lives, news of a diagnosis, the hardest phone calls you could ever imagine.

You’ll be tempted to count all the times you lived in uncertainty about his whereabouts or what tomorrow’s schedule might hold.

Please, don’t do it. Yes, grieve what you’ve lost. Cry over his absence. Be sad that his face his missing from the photos. We’re free to ache over the memories we can never share.

But if we’re constantly tallying up the moments he missed we might miss the moments we have.

So scramble eggs and heat up the leftover bacon. Sit down at the table on a random Wednesday morning and be grateful he’s here right now.

This is Day 20 in a series: A Diligent Wife